January is National Walk Your Pet month

January is National Walk Your Pet month and as such, Pumpkin's Tail put out a cute...

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Teach Your Dog "Speak" & "Quiet"

Our latest rescue pup is a 6 year old Sheltie named Niko.

He’s a super sweet and friendly pupper, but like most Shelties, he is VERY vocal! He loves to make his opinion known about everything from the front door to his leash to visitors!

Hopefully with teaching him “speak” and “quiet”, I can help decrease his barking!

Back to Basics: Sit

We now have three rescue dogs who all seem to have variations in what commands they know and can perform.

I want to get one of our pups into agility training, but first he needs some work on his basic commands so I know he’ll be able to reliably pay attention to me!

So it’s back to basics for us and teaching them to sit is job one!

Back to Basics: Stay

Another basic command that all dogs should learn is “stay”.

And this video gives a few simple tips to show you how to encourage your dog to stay put when you want him to!

None of our dogs will stay consistently, so this one may be a big challenge!

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